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Digital Analytics – Get yourself seen!

When considering the different web analytics tools that your business requires, the plethora of available options can be overwhelming for businesses that may not understand how to use them. That’s where hiring someone to really dig into all of the reports can be vital.


Without a proper understanding of the information these services will provide you with, it remains just raw data.

“Investing in people and the tools that those people need to be successful is key,” notes Bryan Eisenberg, author and marketing consultant. “But it’s the people who can understand that data that really matter.”

Delivering search engine rankings and business from a website is a much more difficult task than simply writing a website.

Most people only complete the first stage of building an internet business, by having a website produced, but fail to complete the process.

Improving your ranking is a slow, labourious, yet very necessary task if you want more visitors.  It can take up to six months to improve your position and your site needs to be continually adjusted to keep up with the latest changes to engine algorithms.

I can undertake the complex work required for optimisation of your site for you, working continually to improve your site in line with your requested market focus.