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How to make a fixed font thinner/thicker in Illustrator

Probably everyone knows this…but I didn’t until I had a client request that the font I was using in some van signage artwork needed to be thinner.

In Illustrator, from the effect menu, path->offset path will allow you to change the font thickness while keeping both the text and the offset live. To alter the offset after you apply it, go to the appearance palette and double click on the effect. Just be aware of scaling – be sure to have “scale stroke and effects” checked in the transform palette to keep your text matching.

Some days the simplest things can be such a big help!

  1. This seems to make the font thicker, but not thinner…

  2. Many thanks! That was exactly what I needed 😉

  3. Hi Amy. The offset amount can also be a minus – which makes it thinner rather than thicker.

  4. Glad it was of use Fabio – funny now little things like that can be hidden away!