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Loads of website gallery options here…

Displaying galleries of images on a website is a common practice that many people struggle with simply because they have no means to deploy the images without loading a large gallery tool or script. I’ve created curated a list of my favorite light-weight gallery scripts for deploying photo galleries in a website.

Flash Based Gallery Scripts

Slide Show Pro – This one doesn’t really count as a “script” but it’s lightweight and extremely customizable.  You’ll need a good copy of Adobe Flash and the ability to follow basic instructions to set this script up, but once you learn to harness it’s power you can customize the gallery to do just about anything you want! In addition to photos, you can load HD streaming video and the player can be linked to “SlideShow Director” which allows non-technical users to manage their galleries through hosted or stand-alone control panels.

Javascript Based Gallery Scripts

ColorBoxA lite-weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery. The idea behind ColorBox is to allow users to use the script, and easily customize it for their specific needs. Recently suggested to me by Rob Alan, this has already become my favorite script due to it’s ease-of-use and ability to be fully customized.

Fancy ZoomIf you’re  Mac user and have visited any popular Apple product website you’ll recognize this pop-up image look. Fancy Zoom uses the Prototype JS library to control the effect and it allows you to embedd images, text, or even flash into the popup window.

LiteBoxA simple, smaller very of Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox2 photogallery script. This simple script allows you to quicklycreate a zoomed version of image thumbnails in your website pages. It provides support for single photos as well as provides support for creating a navigable gallery of images.

ShadowboxBilled as a “online media viewer application” this script gives developers the ability to link to images, flash, video, text, websites, and other media content without having to make the visitor leave the page. It works in all modern browsers and has a fairly good support community.

Cabel’s FacyZoomCabel’s version of FancyZoom is the original script. It uses AJAX to load the images to save initial page load weight. It has some great features and works in all modern browsers but developers should simply compare the two versions of FancyZoom and select which one is best for their project.

GalleriaBased in jQuery, Galleria is a beautiful, smooth and elegant photo gallery script that offers full pre-load functionality and easy thumbnail based navigation for the photos. Can be integrated with Flickr accounts to keep the dynamic code from being broken by inexperienced end-users.

slideViewerA simple jQuery based gallery script that uses javascript and css to display images formatted in a simple unordered list. It is designed to show images that are the same size, so the application is limited, however this script is easily useful for small highlights and slide galleries.

SmoothGalleryA powerful javascript based gallery system that allows multiple collections of photos. The script features an easy to use navigation system and seems fairly well built and works in all the major browsers.

ImagoThis gallery script developed with AJAX and designed to allow you to pull photos from different sources make it very versatile. It has support for Flickr, SmugMug, SimplViewer, has a small footprint and is built with Mootools.

Nivo Slider – Another fantastic jQuery based slide-show script that developers can use to create very customizable galleries. The default effects and styles are high quality and the code proves to be very well structured and clean. Thanks to Jon Page for the tip!

Flash Based Gallery Scripts

(E)2 Photo Gallery – Developed with Javascript and PHP, allows users to upload images to a folder, define the folder in the script and it will pull the images from that folder dynamically. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it is a useful feature, and the clean javascript effects and pre-loader give the player a nice face.

Coppermine – Not a personal favorite of mine, however, it seems to be a favorite of developers. From my experience the themeing process was overly completed, when it didn’t need to be. However, the script does seem to give you a very high degree of customization and shouldn’t be ignored.